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Our agency has been open since 1996. Donald has been selling insurance since 1988. We're a family owned and operated agency. Donald and Flabia Perdue opened our company to provide top-quality, A+-rated insurance to our customers. Donald manages the Austin location. Get competitive rates on the policies you need. Call us today.


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6607B Airport Blvd.

Austin, TX 78752


We service the entire state of Texas.


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    We represent:

  • Progressive

  • Empower

  • Foremost

  • Gainsco

  • Lloyds

  • Wellington

  • Hallmark

  • National Liability Insurance Company

  • Titan Insurance

  • Unitrin

  • Pronto

  • The General

  • Connect Insurance Company

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Getting a Business Liability Insurance Quote in Austin TX


When you’re out looking for a business liability insurance quote in Austin TX, you might stumble upon a few roadblocks that can make you second guess getting insurance. This is mainly because the range of prices for this type of insurance can vary amongst agencies. And while you do want to pay the lowest possible price, you might also second guess the quality of the service you’ve opted for.


A Specialist in Business Insurance


Here at Perdue Insurance Group, we consider ourselves specialists in looking for just the right business insurance for you. As home-grown, family-owned business ourselves, we have a soft spot for looking for the services that ultimately benefit small businesses as ours used to be.

You can call one of our agents today and get a personalized business liability insurance quote. Austin TX businesses, in particular, are welcome to call our special local hotline.


Quality for Affordability


We also pride ourselves with matching quality and affordability. We understand how each plan from the agencies we represent works. We will definitely take time to talk to you about how your business works so that we can get you only the best business liability insurance quote in Austin TX.

We can guarantee you that the insurance we recommend will be well worth your time and money. We believe that quality insurance doesn’t have to expensive and you’ll find that the rates we’ll offer reflect that.


A Plan that Saves You Money

Accidents do happen and you want to make sure that you’re always prepared to deal with them. Being unprepared, after all, can result in your beloved business losing a lot of money on things that you never expected would happen. This means that you’ll want a business liability insurance quote in Austin TX that covers all the potential hazards and liabilities in your business and more. When you find yourself in the middle of a pressing situation, you’ll be thankful you were prepared!


Understanding Your Plan


It can be all too easy to just get a business liability insurance plan and be done with it. However, we do believe that it’s important for all our clients to understand the plans that they opt for thoroughly. When you get a business liability insurance quote from Austin TX branch, our agents will make sure to run you through all the details of the selection of plans. This ensures that you know it like the back of your hand, allowing you to feel secure while managing your business.